Some Top Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi NCR

The very first step for a startup is to create a brand and establish itself in the market. And then they must look to optimize the visibility and create and extend their customer base. For this, you need an agency that knows your requirement and how to deliver it. You would need a good digital marketing agency. And finding a good agency is not an easy task, especially if you are in a place like Delhi NCR. So, to make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of some digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR that excel in their field. And here is the list.

1. Adsyndicate– It is an independent communication agency with more than 25 years of experience. It is branched out in 12 cities, including Delhi NCR. They are a full-service digital agency with innovation and creative solutions for your needs. Their services include SMM, SEM, Conversion rate optimization, Web design and Development, Digital and content marketing, Branding consulting, print services, Web series, video production, creative services, Corporate photoshoots, etc. Union Bank of India, Mahindra, Hyundai are some big names in its clientele portfolio.

2. Brainwork– Brainworks has deep understanding and knowledge of the tools and working of the digital marketing. They are good in all aspects of digital marketing services. Thye offer services like SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, Web designing and development, Online reputation management, content writing and many more. Its clientele consists of names like Airtel, Hyundai, Nokia, Nestle etc.

3. Nine Digital– This company knows how to use creativity, technology, analytics, and insights to provide better services to you. It is a comprehensive E-commerce solution agency. It provides services like PPC, online advertising, Email marketing, SEO, AMM and web designing. HP, Hyundai, Phoenix are some of the known names of its clients.

4. Dignitas Digital– This company has a very passionate team that offers top-notch solutions. It has also won awards for its services. It offers comprehensive web solutions, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Cloud-Saas, Mobile apps, Technology consulting and outsourcing, Custom Analytics and so on. It also has some famous clientele names in its list.

These are just a few names of the digital marketing companies that you can approach to in Delhi NCR. The place is loaded with many but you must be careful while you are picking up one. A wrong choice could ruin your reputation and cause you monetary loss as well.

Digital Marketing- How to Use it

Digital marketing is a term that became popular recently. But, believe it or not, it was born sometime in 1896. Yes. In those days, only very creative people used it who dared to think outside the box. And today, all the companies use it. So, to do digital marketing.

You already know that any marketing that involves an electronic product is digital marketing. TV, web, telephone, email, electronic billboards, these are all the methods of digital marketing. This gives you a pretty much good picture on how to do it, right? No? Okay, let’s elaborate it a little.

You have a website where you post contents about you and the products and services that you are offering. You follow the rules of the search engine so that your content ranks in that particular search query. Why? Because you want to reach to your target audience. You want to impress them and convert them into your customers. This organic method of reaching your audience is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

Another way is to buy advertising spaces for doing the same thing you did in SEO. And this way is called Search Engine marketing. Then there is another way that’s called Social Media Marketing. In this way of digital marketing, you connect with your users, target audience and potential customers on the social media platform. You connect with them. Give them suggestions when needed and taking their feedback. This creates a good user experience for them and they keep coming back to you for the same thing. In this way, you also keep updating them about your products and services and try to convince them to be your customer.

You can also use email and messages for staying connected to your target audience and customers. And then there are advertisements on radio and televisions. You can also host a competition or quiz online or on TV and radio and give away prizes to the winners. Give them some app-based offers or web based offers. These are all ways of digital marketing.

And then use the electronic billboards. Give them some attractive things to look at. Make your advertisements eye-catchy and simple. These are the methods you can use to do the digital marketing. It will not only give you customers but will increase your visibility and reach in little expense. So, why be limited to one place, why not be everywhere?

Different Types of Digital Media Marketing

There are 9 types of Digital media marketing that can boost your business. Here, I am listing them down one by one.

  • Search Engine Optimization– SEO is all about growing your visibility online organically. By organic, I mean through the non-paid method. Search engines like Gppgle and Bing give the user search results after they have searched for something. These results are called SERPs or search engine results pages. The pages are ranked in the search results through the algorithm of the search engine. The results changes with the query. The higher you appear on this SERP, the more visitors you will have. That’s how SEO works.
  • Search Engine Marketing- There is SEO and then there is SEM. In SEO, we generate organic traffic, while SEM generates traffic via paid mediums. SEm is buying the advertising space. These space would appear in the SERP of a user. Google Adwords and Bing adds are two example of SEM. It a whole new world and different for SEO but both have the same motive, to increase the traffic on the website.

  • Social Media Marketing- Social media, almost everyone is here. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list is endless. And these are your opportunities as well. It is the best place to create a customer base and connect to them. Social media Marketing does just that. In SMM, you interact with your customer, take their feedback, and connect to them on a personal level. This is more about giving them a wonderful user experience and making them come back for that.
  • Content Marketing- This type of digital marketing is about creating traffic through quality contents. It could be anywhere on the internet, your blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere. However, content marketing has to be used along with all the above marketing types. Alone, it can’t do much for you. In content marketing, you must remember who you are talking to and what they like.
  • Affiliate Marketing- This type of digital marketing is the process of paying for conversions. It is more like hiring a sales person. You only pay for conversions of a user into your customer. The traffic or sales you get from a particular website is the conversion and that website is paid for every sale they have generated for you.
  • Influencer Marketing– let’s make this simple. If people have faith in what you say, if you have a fan following who does what you suggest them, I pay you for referring them to my store. It’s like celebrities endorsing a brand or a product. Just that’ its done online.

  • Email Marketing- You regularly send emails to your subscribers and keep them updated about your products. It helps you establish a personal connection with your consumers.

Other two types are viral marketing where a post or video goes viral and generates traffic. Then there is mobile phone marketing that’s done through SMS.


Digital Marketing in 2018

This year has brought a great shift to the digital marketing trends. It is becoming more important as each day passes. Here are a few reasons why digital marketing is important in 2018.

More Spends On Social Media

A survey suggested that people are spending more this year as compared to the previous year. Social media, for the brands, isn’t just a place for brand building, It is also acquisition and performance media for them. Initially, companies used to put aside a part of their marketing budget as social budget for brand building. But today, with high return on investment, they are spending more on social media.

Consumers Look For Attractive Deals And Promotions

That’s something we all do. We go where there is a lucrative deal. These two are an important factor when it comes to increasing revenue and customer loyalty. This is how you can engage lapsed customers and increase the sales. And increased revenue from sales is on of the top indicators for success. Good deals are the best and sure way of engaging the customers back to your brand. Research says every consumer wants to save and save easily. Hence, attractive deals and promotions attracts customers easily. The best way to tell them about your deals is through social platforms. It reaches to the mass in no time hence doesn’t add to your expense. Also, people prefer online stores because they find better deals there as compared to in-stores.

Brand Awareness

Digital marketing is a good platform for creating awareness about your brand. Brand awareness incites loyalty and this in turn increases sales of the stores. You can do that by spreading information about your brand and products. You can also do that by adding app specific deals and website specific offers.

These are just a few things that makes digital marketing important in 2018. People use digital media to save while they shop. They look for the reviews and trust what is said about the brand on the internet. Sellers use digital platforms for luring customers. And it is inexpensive for both of them.

Digital Marketing- Shaping the Modern World

The world is going digital from analog. You can easily relate to the world today with gadgets like mobile, laptop, computers, etc, and also with social media. It is apparent that the digital world is influencing the decision making today. Hence in the modern day, digital marketing has become vital.


Digital marketing is affordable and a lot cheaper than any other marketing tool, and that makes it a winner. Also, it allows you to track your campaign and evaluate how much you have achieved. Here we will discuss the role of digital marketing in the modern world.



  • Digital marketing has given us a new way to earn. Uploading videos on Youtube, online surveys, people are earning with things like these. It has allowed people to generate revenue with personal talent and not just business.


  • You can do a real-time statics and flaw detection with digital marketing. No one can produce a fake report and fool you. You can keep a track of all the reports and check the customer feedback on your own.


  • Digital marketing also increases your visibility. A store can make a name for itself worldwide and not just in the area it is established. Digital stores allow you to sell your products even to the far-fetched places, something you could just have dreamed about.


  • It also allows easy communication with customers. You, along with the customers, decide the shape of your products. It keeps you abreast with the trends and needs of the customer. So, you always know what they want and what you have to deliver with the help of digital marketing.


  • Also, it is time-saving. Gone are the days where organizations used to send out personnel in the field with survey forms. It used to take them days and research was a lengthy and time-consuming process. And so was consumer engagement. Digital marketing has given the easy way for both of them.

Digital marketing plays an important role in increasing the reach of your product and capturing the niche. It has also increased the competition as people are getting aware of different brands of the same products. While it gave them options, the entities dipped into cut-throat competition. It can be said that in digital marketing, it’s not the organization that rules, consumers do.


Advantages Of Digital Marketing Today

Digital marketing allows you to sell your products and services using the digital media, especially the internet. We can see that the internet is everywhere and it has become an important part of our lives. We prefer buying things online and we gain knowledge about the things by reading about them on the internet. Here are some benefits of digital marketing in today’s scenario.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important Today?

Here are some reasons why digital marketing is important in the scenario today.

● It is cost effective. A successful digital marketing strategy doesn’t cost much. It is an inexpensive technique of marketing as compared to the other traditional marketing tools. Also, it gives you greater audience reach when compared to the other marketing methods.

● Speaking of the reach, you can be present in the right place at the right time through digital marketing methods. Be there, where your audience is. Be found when they are looking for you and deliver what they want. This will help you in creating an everlasting experience in your user’s mind.

● Digital marketing also saves a lot of time. You can see the results of your efforts in digital marketing in lesser time. You can conduct a survey and know the feedback from your customers about your product or service in no time.

● You can also create engaging campaigns using the digital marketing campaigns. On such platforms, the campaigns get viral easily. With just a little push, it can reach many prospective customers in no time. Gone were the days where a business had to run a campaign for every city one by one.

● It also simplifies the process of brand building. You can promote your brand over the digital marketing platform. You can make your brand viral here and gain visibility in the eyes of the users and search engines as well.

These are points enough to tell you how important digital marketing is in today’s scenario. Time is changing, and with it, the preferences of buyers are changing as well. They are getting more dependent on the digital medium, especially internet, for obtaining what they need.