Different Types of Digital Media Marketing

There are 9 types of Digital media marketing that can boost your business. Here, I am listing them down one by one.

  • Search Engine Optimization– SEO is all about growing your visibility online organically. By organic, I mean through the non-paid method. Search engines like Gppgle and Bing give the user search results after they have searched for something. These results are called SERPs or search engine results pages. The pages are ranked in the search results through the algorithm of the search engine. The results changes with the query. The higher you appear on this SERP, the more visitors you will have. That’s how SEO works.
  • Search Engine Marketing- There is SEO and then there is SEM. In SEO, we generate organic traffic, while SEM generates traffic via paid mediums. SEm is buying the advertising space. These space would appear in the SERP of a user. Google Adwords and Bing adds are two example of SEM. It a whole new world and different for SEO but both have the same motive, to increase the traffic on the website.

  • Social Media Marketing- Social media, almost everyone is here. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list is endless. And these are your opportunities as well. It is the best place to create a customer base and connect to them. Social media Marketing does just that. In SMM, you interact with your customer, take their feedback, and connect to them on a personal level. This is more about giving them a wonderful user experience and making them come back for that.
  • Content Marketing- This type of digital marketing is about creating traffic through quality contents. It could be anywhere on the internet, your blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere. However, content marketing has to be used along with all the above marketing types. Alone, it can’t do much for you. In content marketing, you must remember who you are talking to and what they like.
  • Affiliate Marketing- This type of digital marketing is the process of paying for conversions. It is more like hiring a sales person. You only pay for conversions of a user into your customer. The traffic or sales you get from a particular website is the conversion and that website is paid for every sale they have generated for you.
  • Influencer Marketing– let’s make this simple. If people have faith in what you say, if you have a fan following who does what you suggest them, I pay you for referring them to my store. It’s like celebrities endorsing a brand or a product. Just that’ its done online.

  • Email Marketing- You regularly send emails to your subscribers and keep them updated about your products. It helps you establish a personal connection with your consumers.

Other two types are viral marketing where a post or video goes viral and generates traffic. Then there is mobile phone marketing that’s done through SMS.


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